“Arte Pellettieri was born as a perfect union between traditional artisanship and new technology. A team of more than 30 artisans are guided by master craftsmen that have over decades refined leather articles of every aspect and style. We are a young company, but with strong roots grown from a family business founded in 1960 in the centre of Florence. The machines and technology necessary for some craftwork never substitutes the traditional artisan creativity, the soul of our work. Every product is made exclusively in our factory in Scandicci (Florence), using the most sophisticated leather and the best materials on the market, following meticulously every obligation in regards to laws, safety and environmental concerns. Professional ethics, human values and a 100% Made in Italy quality are for us fundamental elements. The “Magnifico” collection is designed precisely for those who enjoy the luxury and attention to detail and of quality materials. Our use of Premium calfskin, plain and printed, creates a source of distinction exalted properly by dyeing the edges in a contrasting colour. Items are enriched with metal accessories made from our own design, in real brass plated Palladium and in a structure of poplar wood handmade by master craftsmen. The display boxes are made with beveled glass and the seams are stitched tone on tone. In our “Magnifico” collection the know-how of the Florentine artisan tradition is blended perfectly with the absolute luxury of detail. “